Sauna is a relaxing and pleasant activity. However, sauna use can be made even more enjoyable with sauna products. The purpose of this text is to tell about the best sauna products.

1. Sauna vihdat

Sauna vihda gets the blood circulating and the muscles relaxed. You can make the hat yourself or buy it from a store. Traditionally, sauna vihta is made from iron birch, but in addition to that, sauna vihta can also be made from other hardwoods, such as rowan, maple or alder. This is how you make a sauna vida yourself .

However, a traditional wooden sauna stove is not suitable for all situations, as it collects garbage and sensitizes people with birch allergies. The Relax Saunavihta is suitable for these situations, which is a completely non-allergenic plastic artificial vihta. Another good thing about Relax Saunavihda is that you can take it with you to, for example, public saunas, because it doesn't make a mess.

Note! The smallest saunas in the family also have their own sauna room. The Children's Relax Sauna vihta is 35 cm in size, a smaller version of the full-size artificial vihta.

You can order Relax Saunavihta here!

You can order Children's Relax Sauna Vihta here!

2. Sauna scents

With Löyly scents, you bring a pleasant scent and a relaxed atmosphere to the sauna. There are different types of sauna scents. There are more liquid scents as well as dissolvable scent bags. The most common liquid Sauna scents are easy to use and there are several different scents available, from tar to eucalyptus.

You can get a real birch scent in the sauna with a sauna scent bag with dried birch leaves. You can make a sauna scent bag yourself or buy it from the online store.

You can order Relax Löylytokku here!

3. The soul of the soul

Wetter steams with the help of HöyryLöyly's steaming soul.

Enjoy saunas with the help of an innovative Finnish invention. The easy-to-install sauna soul only requires moving the stove stones and the sauna enjoyment can begin. With the help of the heat sink, the water in the stove is led to the center of the stone bed, so that evaporation starts from the bottom up through the stone bed. With the help of Löylynsílu, the lyolys feel soft and full of moisture. This way, the sauna becomes more humid and more pleasant to use.

You can order HöyryLöyly steaming soul here!

P.S. New product coming!'s own family of Relax sauna products currently includes three products: Relax Saunavihta , Relax Saunavihta for Kids and Relax Löylytoukku . The Relax product family is expanding with a fourth product and you will hear more about it soon!

Eveliina Vauhkonen