Finnish midsummer definitely includes sauna. Traditionally, saunas have taken place on Midsummer's Eve already during the day, so that we have been clean to receive the nightless night.

Here are our recommended tips for the Midsummer sauna atmosphere

1. A clean sauna is already wonderfully attractive in itself. For washing the sauna, we definitely recommend domestic, disinfecting and fresh eucalyptus-scented Euca detergent. The same substance is used for laundry, carpets, windows, counters and other cleaning, so even a cottage does not need many bottles of detergent.

2. Decorate the sauna and dressing room with wild flowers and birch branches. The scent of a rose sprig works wonderfully as a lifter of love.

3. Winding relaxes your muscles and invigorates blood circulation. Instead of traditional birch wood, you can also try juniper or oak wood. If you can't or don't want to use a traditional sauna, I recommend trying the waste-free and recyclable Relax Sauna sauna , which can also be used in public saunas.

4. Pamper your feet with a foot bath. You can sprinkle e.g. birch and rose leaves in the bath water. Sea salt is good for tired and swollen feet and cares for the skin. If you don't want to sprinkle loose leaves into the water, you can get a birch scent from our Relax Löyly scent bag , which contains real dried birch.

5. After the sauna, you can enjoy a fresh and cold self-flavored water drink. You can put fruits, herbs and berries in the water, e.g. lemon, blueberry, mint, orange, etc. The list is endless. Cool and season the drink in the refrigerator before serving. The drink can also be served at a party table.

Eveliina Vauhkonen