A sauna is almost a necessity in a Finnish home and for us Finns it is easily one of the most important places in the home to relax and enjoy. That is why it is especially important that the sauna is in good condition and comfortable. Over time, a sauna that is, for example, 10 years old may well begin to deteriorate and become boring. In this text, we will tell you 3 fairly easy tips that you can use to improve the comfort and appearance of your sauna yourself.

1. Treatment of sauna boards and walls

Sauna boards and panels must be treated regularly. For example, with sauna wax, you can quickly bring the desired new tone to the sauna. In addition, the wax acts as a protective agent and provides effective protection against moisture and dirt.

You can find sauna waxes in many different shades in almost all renovation supply stores. Remember to wash the sauna thoroughly before treatment, because the walls and planks are definitely dirty. By washing, you ensure the best end result. The boards may also require light sanding before processing.

Treatment of sauna boards

If you wish, you can change the appearance of your sauna to a dark direction (picture: www.saunatohtori.fi )

2. Bring comfort with sauna products

With table cloths, sauna pillows and other sauna textiles, you can easily bring color to the sauna and soften the atmosphere. If necessary, you can cover worn or dark areas with textiles and thus also improve the appearance of the sauna. In addition, you can bring thermometers, pipes and other products with a uniform style to the sauna.

You can further promote relaxation in the sauna by feeding senses other than touch and sight. Sounds and smells are also a big part of the atmosphere. Sauna scents are one great way to bring new experiences and feelings to the home sauna. If you don't have a wood sauna, candles in the sauna also create calmness and atmosphere.

Relax Löylytokku brings the scent of summer birch to the sauna.

One example of a product that increases coziness is a Finnish handmade product Relax sauna stove . It is a sauna that is suitable for all sauna lovers, including those with birch allergies. It does not mess up the sauna, but produces the same experience as a traditional sauna. You can find Saunavihda and other Sauna products in our online store.
Relax Saunavihta is the right product for all sauna lovers.

3. Add and improve furniture

Over time, for example, the backrest or railings of the sauna easily start to sag and make noise. These small things can easily start to annoy sauna users. So fasten the handrails and backrests better and add supports if necessary. You can easily increase the functionality, safety and comfort of the sauna.

In addition to the existing ones, you can bring additional stools and footrests into the sauna, if there is enough space. This way you can more easily get into a relaxed position in the sauna and you can enjoy the baths even more.

Footrest sauna benches

You can add, for example, a support for the foot rail (photo: www.saunatohtori.fi )

If these self-made measures do not bring about sufficient changes, a light sauna renovation is not an impossible and impossibly expensive project either. If you can't find the expertise yourself, it can still be reasonable to enlist the help of professionals. For example, renewing the paneling, shelves and lighting will make the sauna completely new and will provide plenty of pleasure and joy during several sauna evenings to come. If you are planning a sauna renovation in the capital region , we recommend contacting Saunatohtori .

Blog produced in cooperation with Saunatohtori.

Relaxing sauna moments!

Eveliina Vauhkonen