Raining is thought of as a summer tradition, but in reality it is a year-round pleasure. The purpose of this blog is to tell about Relax Saunavihda and its purpose of use.

What is Relax Saunavihta?

Often in public saunas and, for example, saunas in apartment buildings, showering with littering and allergenic natural showers is prohibited. For this purpose, the waste-free Relax Saunavihta was developed, which can be used in every sauna.

Relax Sauna vihta is an artificial vihta, which is made by hand from recycled material in Suonenjoki. Two different sizes of vihta are made, adults' vihta 50 cm and children's vihta 35 cm . The straps are made of durable and recyclable material.

Vihta is easy to clean after sauna. Add a few drops of shampoo to the hair, massage and rinse thoroughly. Hang the hat to air dry.

Genuine birch wind or Relax Sauna wind?

A genuine vihta is a genuine vihta, but Relax Saunavihta has its own purpose. Relax Sauna vihta is the right choice for birch allergy sufferers, apartment building dwellers and people who cannot use littering or allergenic vihta in the sauna. In public saunas, Relax Saunavihta arouses wonder and is a good conversation starter. It certainly won't leave anyone cold.

Saunavihta can also be used in more unusual places, such as rented cabins or, for example, on a hotel vacation , because it is completely odorless and does not cause allergic reactions. Saunavihta can easily be carried in a suitcase when travelling.

When taking a sauna abroad, you should check whether raining is allowed. In some cultures, even throwing slop on the stove is forbidden.

For relaxing sauna moments

Windsurfing is a relaxing activity. Showering invigorates blood circulation and comfortably relaxes tired muscles. And the best thing is that it can now be done all year round.

If you still want to improve your sauna experience, you can use birch-scented sauna scents with Relax Saunavihta. This is how you get birch-scented baths together with artificial grass.

We want to produce pleasant and exhilarating sauna experiences for all sauna lovers. Read below some comments from satisfied Relax Saunavihta users.

Experiences from Relax Saunavihta users

"I am very satisfied and pleasantly surprised. No junk and feels genuine." -Sari.

"A really great sauna bath for allergy sufferers. Fresh and gentle baths with the bath." - Saana J.

"I once bought a Relax sauna counter and it has been used a lot. The feedback is only positive. A great product!" - Harry K.

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Eveliina Vauhkonen