Distinctive business gifts in your company's colors

Order handmade Relax Sauna fans in your company's colors as a business gift. There are several different color options and a personalized sauna vith bracelet. For example, you can write a company name or a slogan on the wristband.

Showering invigorates blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles. You can use the Relax sauna cabin anywhere and anytime. Vihta is suitable for all sauna lovers, including those with birch allergies. That's why it's the perfect business gift.

We make sauna stoves by hand from recycled material.

Available colors: green, black, white, yellow, gold, red and blue

Relax Saunavihta + Relax Löylytokku

Relax Saunavihta works especially well with Relax Löylytokku, which brings the scent of real birch into the sauna. One package contains two sauna scent bags (2x4g). One package lasts for 6-8 sauna sessions. The sauna scent bags contain 100% dried birch leaves.

Note! Minimum order quantity 10 pcs

Delivery times 10-50 pcs (larger batches may require a longer delivery time):

Sauna vihta with standard bracelet :
1 week
Sauna vihta with your own wristband:
4-6 weeks

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