The family of Relax sauna products is expanding with Relax Sauna soap. Previously, the Relax product family included three products: Relax Sauna Vihta , Relax Sauna Vihta for Children and Relax Löylytoukku . This article describes our new product Relax Sauna Soap in more detail.

Relax Sauna soap

Relax Sauna soap is a completely domestic peat soap, all ingredients of which are completely biodegradable. With Relax Sauna soap, you wash your hair and your whole body. The soap does not dry your skin, but gently cleans it, maintains the moisture balance of your skin and makes it soft. Removes greasiness and impurities from your skin with gentle and natural means.

Great for everyday use, suitable for all skin types and smells great.

There is also peat soap scientifically established caring and skin-friendly.

Effective and caring for problem skin, such as acne.

Price: €7

You can order Relax Sauna soap here

Eveliina Vauhkonen