Vihta was used in the sauna tradition, which used to be common throughout Europe. This tradition disappeared at the end of the Middle Ages.

The Indians' sauna culture also included anger. Many medieval poems, descriptions and drawings that tell about old Central European sauna customs also contain accurate information about the ends.

Using vihta in connection with sauna is an ancient custom. It was already used when the sauna was more of a place to relax than to wash. Sauna was originally more about sweating and splashing with anger.

Vihtominen is, among other things, an old Finnish cleansing rite, in which the married happiness ruined by ill-wishers or envious people was restored to a young woman suffering from its lack.

Nowadays, they are almost always made from birch, but in the past, counters were also made from blackcurrant, sycamore, oak, linden and rowan. Vihta can also be made from nettles.

Vihta clearly improves the sauna experience, and it is easy to make yourself from birch branches. The best time to make a wedding is around Midsummer. Not everyone misses the opportunity to use a real birch sauna stove because of littering and allergies. In almost all public saunas, windpipes are now prohibited.

The Relax Saunavihta we manufacture can be used anywhere. You can take it with you to the spa, swimming pool, cabin or a sauna evening organized by a friend. Buy for a grandparent as a gift for a service center or as a bath toy for a little sauna bather.

Eveliina Vauhkonen