Relax gift box with washcloth and sauna scent

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The gift box contains:

    • Relax Saunavihtan (green)
    • Salux washcloth (color may vary)
    • Relax Löylytokuton

Relax Saunavihta

By showering, you invigorate blood circulation and relax tense muscles. We make sauna stoves by hand from recycled material. You can use the Relax sauna hut anywhere and anytime, get it at home or take it to a cabin fire.

We want to produce pleasant and exhilarating sauna experiences for all sauna lovers. Also suitable for birch allergy sufferers.

Material: Plastic PE-LD (+90C > -10C). The material can be recycled or disposed of with energy waste.

Salux Washcloth

A gentle washcloth suitable for the whole body exfoliates the skin and thus promotes skin regeneration. Also excellently suitable for dry brushing. The Relax washcloth is durable, hygienic and can be washed in a washing machine.

Size 28 x 90 cm.

Made of 60% nylon and 40% polyester.

Relax Löyly scent

The package contains two sauna scent bags (2x4g).

One package lasts for 6-8 sauna sessions.

They contain 100% dried birch leaves.

Steep the bag in hot soapy water. You get a wonderful birch scent in your sauna with every throw of the sauna. Hang the bag to dry after use.

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