I recommend! We received two Relax Sauna Vihtas as a housewarming gift and the whole family of 5 likes this. Mary R.

A really great sauna experience for allergy sufferers. Fresh and gentle baths with anger. Saana J.

The time spent in the sauna has increased with Relax Saunavihta. And the relaxation you get there now is perfect. Sarah K.

It's just so great, not Karise's magazines and as a tip, it's really nice to take away. Merja Hannele R.

I once bought a Relax sauna counter and it has been in heavy use. Only positive feedback. Great product! Harry K.

I was there at my friend's bachelor party. The rented sauna didn't get messed up and the hero got the new one with him. Sari I.

For the lover of litter-free and fragrance-free hate. Mirja S.

New top product for saunas where you can't/can't use a real birch stove. Kirsi S.

Relaxes the shoulders, neck and back wonderfully. Maire H.

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