In the fall of 2017, I noticed an interesting publication in the Facebook entrepreneur group. Alli, who lives in Kaunisvaara in northern Sweden, wanted to sell her business and focus on singing. Alli, who has an artistic nature, had developed a trash-free and durable sauna stove ten years earlier, because birches do not grow in the north. I even jokingly told my husband about the business to be sold, but he immediately told me to call Alli. A couple of weeks after that, I headed the van towards the north and went to get to know the matter in more detail. I took my mother with me on the trip, because the driving time was more than six hours in a snowstorm. They say I wasn't allowed to drive such a trip alone. We arrived in Pello late on Friday evening, where we spent the night. In the morning we crossed the border to the Swedish side and drove to Alli's place in Kaunisvaara. Alli lived with her husband and dogs in an old rectory high on the top of Kaunisvaara, from where there were stunning views all the way to Finland. That day we did the shopping and started to learn how to make windrows. At the same time, my husband emptied the garage at home in Suonenjoki and put places in order for production. Alli and I did chores together all weekend and we got to know each other at the same time. The trip left wonderful memories. I arrived home with a full van in the morning on Monday and after a few hours of sleep, my husband and I unloaded the car and gave the first news story to the local newspaper. Now later you can say that it was a trip, but it was done! No regrets!
Eveliina Vauhkonen