Euca Sauna ice



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Euca Sauna ice cools and refreshes. A small crystal placed on the sauna stones gives an amazing sauna experience. For example, add one crystal on top of the stone with a spoon and throw in some tepid water - Enjoy the cooling and respiratory-opening menthol scent - Suitable for flu season.

The crystal melts on the stones and releases a wonderfully fresh menthol scent into the air. It creates a cool air bite, which is a fun contrast to the hot steam.

Sauna ice is stored in a closed package in a dry place, out of the reach of children!

Crystals must not be placed directly on the heaters in the stove, because they can catch fire because they are essential oil.

Contents: Menthol Crystal 15 g

Manufacturer: Green Bee Oy, Kotka

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